Supported Housing Visits 'Must Last At Least Thirty Minutes'

T.P Properties advocates for greater care time spent in housing with support.

Changing Attitudes To Learning Disability

A supported housing appraisal of Scior and Werner's review of changing attitudes to learning disability.

Life Satisfaction High In T.P Properties' Supported Housing

T.P Properties' supported living homes score high in happiness index - check out our vacancies.

Niamh Robinson Takes T.P Properties And Isle Of Man To Samoa

Does she gain one invitation to the Commonwealth Youth Games? No, two!

Get Involved

T.P Properties views this area of business practice as one which has been key to the current and future continued success of its projects.

Supported Living Homes : How To Develop The Perfect Housing With Support Scheme

We answer the questions surrounding the mysteries of supported housing, from decision to finished article.

Jo Says Thank You

Through Social Services Jo, a new tenant has expressed her sincere gratitude after T.P Properties successfully developed her supported living home.

Do You Represent A Local Or Health Authority?

Here's where you find the information that you need.

See A Supported Living Homes' Project Develop In Real Time

Do you want to understand a little better how housing with support works? Then join with us observing the solutions to a quality supported home as they happen.

Supported Housing And #End The Awkward Scope Campaign

T.P Properties' housing with support backs #End The Awkward campaign.

What Is The Care Act? - Top Ten Supported Living Home Points

A guide to help you understand this new legislation and its effects on housing with support.

Do You Need Help With Supported Living Housing Jargon?

On #HousingDay we help you to unravel key words and phrases giving you power on your supported living journey.

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T.P Properties design, develop and manage specialist supported housing projects throughout the UK. Being uniquely funded, with a long history in properties and care; a wealth of professional contacts; and an expert team. Swift and comprehensive supported accommodation assignments are a speciality.

Whether the venture concerns those with a learning disability, mental health need or physical issue; apartment, house or bungalow; full build, conversion or minor refurbishment; group, couple or individual, T.P Properties are here to serve: 'providing you with the home that you need.'