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Case History Resettlement From Long-Term Care - Watch a project develop in real time where we re-house individuals from long-term care facilities

Have you ever wondered what steps are taken in moving a supported housing idea to its successful completion?  Click on the link(s) below to walk with us as we use innovation, creativity, best value, person-centred ideals and future proofing to build a 'home for life.' 

This project page will be regularly updated to show you just one example of a how T.P Properties actually delivers.

It might be of benefit to check out our page of 'FAQs and Definitions' for further explanation of key terms and concepts.  

1.  Background

2.  Purchase June 2012

3.  Initial Assessment Visit

4.  Commencement Of Construction

5.  Construction Phase 1

6.  Construction Phase 2

7.  Construction Phase 3

8.  Tenant Sign-Up

9.  Icing On The Cake With More Cake And Biscuits