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'What makes supported housing valuable is that it drops into the gaps between other services and makes them work for vulnerable people.  There are many success stories; people who would otherwise have ‘fallen through the net’ have instead had good outcomes that have helped them stay independent.'   Steve Ongeri

By 2030 demand for support is projected to rise rapidly; Solace has suggested that in just the two categories of younger adults with learning disabilities, and younger adults with physical or sensory impairment, support will rise by 32.2% and 7.5% respectfully.  In these times of barriers to independent living, with Adult Social Care budgets cut back on average by 28%, T.P Properties is committed to providing quality supported living homes to disabled adults throughout the UK.  This devotion insists on constant evolution and exploration of new initiatives in housing with support – original markets and challenging projects are relished, along with continuous testing and improvement of personalisation concepts in order to 'Be Bold'

There are a number of significant legislative changes due to be adopted.  Most notable of which is the Care and Support Bill which defines within England a number of general duties on local authorities, including a duty to co-operate with others to coalesce services to promote well-being, and improve quality and outcomes.  Noteably there is a specific duty on local authorities to carry out their care and support functions with the aim of integrating services with those provided by the NHS or other health-related services including housing.

T.P Properties is enthusiastic about forming new strategic partnerships and joint ventures with commissioning agencies; working across the boundaries of social care in areas such as housing, benefits, leisure, transport and health, to deliver person-centred co-ordinated care.  Unlike other companies T.P Properties has performed in this sector for years, combining knowledge of support, property purchase and development, landlord partnership, benefit applications, legislation and best value.  Efforts range from housing those with emerging needs, to enabling people to maintain their independence, and to providing a home to those with high-level complex support plans. 

In the 2013 report 'Delivering housing, health and care outcomes' the Chartered Institute of Housing and Tunstall Healthcare clearly agreed that housing providers had an integral role in well-being, using ingenious design to improve health, with particular emphasis on the role of assistive technology.  The company has always integrated with health and social care to improve health outcomes and meet the key challenges faced by these sectors and the potential tenant.  It is recognised that it is incredibly important to drive down the extra costs that disabled people face as well as the statutory services, whilst retaining quality. Great housing buidling and adaption, coupled with holistic care planning, advice and possible assistive technology can achieve this.  Core beliefs circle working together to identify and exploit opportunities to improve services with clear financial benefits.

Typically, solutions have been provided to the:

  • Deregistration of care and residential homes

The team within T.P Properties was one of the first in the UK to deregister long established learning disability homes.  

Negotiating the legislation, buildings and support have been completely redesigned to provide single tenancy supported living dwellings.  Each resident's needs are duly assessed and plans are made to accommodate their desires, whether they wish to relocate or remain.  New 'typical' community based homes have been purchased, with all interested parties involved in the selection, adaptation and improvement of these properties.  Residential care staff have been retrained to recognise the ideals of the 'personalisation' agenda; often this has required the renegotiation of employee contracts and the redesign of rotas.  Tenant benefit applications have been completed and steered in partnership with suitable agencies.  The support packages negotiated not only accomplish tenant holism; they also have typically reduced costs to the commissioning authority concerned.


  • Redevelopment of existing authority sites

Often authorities have land or buildings suitable for development, which will in tandem, meet the supported housing obligations of the region.  T.P Properties will purchase these, thus enhancing the balance sheet of the authority concerned, and often removing a vacant unused asset from the assigned register.  

Working in partnership with the statutory services the scheme is designed.  Future tenants are selected by the commissioning body whether they be currently resident or relocated elsewhere in the UK, and each supported living dwelling is planned, designed and built around each individual's needs.  The beauty of such close working means that even the most complex demands can be accommodated in a cost effective manner from the outset.  


  • Requirement for singular or group housing

In December 2012, the government pledged to return about 3,000 people to their communities from long-stay hospitals and institutions, following the Winterbourne View scandal, in which systematic abuse of residents was exposed.  T.P Properties has worked with all levels within statutory authorities to meet the housing and support needs of singular or groups of disabled individuals. Great in-house experience has offered to those working with housing a better understanding of the NHS, public health and social care outcomes frameworks, and vice versa.

Ideally, the agency will approach us from the outset so that together all can consider purchase, build or adapt the best property solution.  Tenants have been drawn from across-the-board to be happily housed, from those who have lived together in residential care units and wish to remain under the same roof; individuals who have the most complex of physical health needs and have remained on hospital wards for years awaiting a suitable housing solution; groups with similar needs thus providing economies of scale for the commissioning department and support provider, such as those with acquired brain injury; and those with differing needs but because of very specific circumstances can live together to offer a 'best value' model of supported housing (see 'The Pilling Lane' model.)


The Company views such ventures as within the 'preventative' family of holistic support.  There exists an ever growing amount of evidence that champions the adoption of preventative services over those seen as from an intervention stance.  Capgemini's report in 2009 found that investment in packages of support that included housing-related support services avoided costs elsewhere, producing a net financial benefit; for every £1.00 invested in preventative services a £2.13 saving was made to statutory services' budgets.  In addition, the NHF found in 2013 that through the integration of care, support and housing savings of £18,000 per person, per year could be achieved; it continues to encourage an 'alternative care pathway' to well-being.

The Company’s aim is to further increase its property partnerships and stock numbers by evolving in a manner that encourages more efficient organisation and housing upkeep costs.  Not only is the future direction to continue to develop quality homes for this person centred market, but there is a desire to encourage lasting communities that are positive and coherent.  The importance of this holistic approach is recognised and underpinned by ‘Putting People First: A shared vision and commitment to the transformation of Adult Social Care’, a report valued for its encouragement of a collaborative approach between all stakeholders to transform adult social care.

Benefitting from a financially sound funding structure and financial management, it is known that T.P Properties offers a partnership that flourishes from vast in-house experience, skills and knowledge. Continuous staff development maintains a team of dedicated adept people who are capable of delivering market leading services.

T.P Properties has a proven history of developing high quality dwellings, in partnership with local authorities, health providers, care organisations, developers and house builders. The case studies section of this site illustrates a tiny selection of the positive fields engaged in. The Company is always delighted to discuss further examples of completed projects with individuals who are committed to the same goals.  These accomplishments ensure that the Company is in an outstanding position to consider opportunities for growth and expansion across the UK, adding strength to any partner enterprise, T.P Properties' business, and more importantly the attainment of providing affordable homes for those in need who have rising expectations for their quality of life and capacity to have full and purposeful lives.

If you have any new housing with support opportunities that you would like to discuss with T.P Properties please contact any member of our team who will be happy to link you to the most appropriate individual with which to consider your proposal or query.  For further understanding of the collaboration offered, why not look at the pages showing how an actual project develops in real time, or if you just want to know a little more about us and our supported living homes...take a look!