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FAQs & Definitions - Jargon Buster In Supported Living Homes

Finding the perfect supported living home is sometimes difficult.  It is an often complex and jargon strewn world that T.P Properties operates within.  Wherever possible we attempt to limit our use of difficult terminology.  However, sometimes this cannot be avoided.  To make our operations as open as possible we have compiled a page of frequently asked questions and definitions for some key phrases, words and concepts used in supported housing and our ventures.

This page was reviewed and updated for #HousingDay 2014 whose aim was to celebrate the difference housing can make.  We wanted to ensure that supported housing would make the maximum difference to each and every person who needed it, as understanding the words that the professionals use provides opportunity for better participation and empowerment.

But it doesn't stop there on this page!  You will find the answers to the most important supported living questions.  AND we have also put together a short leaflet called 'Simplifying Supported Living Housing' that you can print off and take wherever you need.  This can be found on the right hand side.

Below are a list of FAQs and definitions, click the titles to collapse/expand them.

However, these words are dry on their own.  So we would urge everyone to view our case history section to see how jargon actually works to create the perfect supported living home!

Should you need anything further explanations do not hesitate to get in touch.  We are always happy to help.

  • What does ‘supported living home’ mean?

  • Who is considered a ‘vulnerable adult’?

  • Who decides if a person can receive a supported housing service?

  • I’ve heard the term ‘exempt accommodation’ in supported housing, what does this mean?

  • How long does it take to move into a new supported living property?

  • What is ‘future proofing’?

  • What is ‘Total Scheme Cost’ (TSC)?

  • What adaptations can be provided?

  • Can assistive technology be used in my home?

  • Can grants and loans be considered to help me get the adapted home I need?

  • What are ‘service charges’ for my supported living home?

  • What amount of rent can I expect to pay?

  • What furniture and white goods are provided?

  • What type of tenancy agreement is offered?

  • What happens if I do not have a care provider or change to another?

  • Can I have pets in my new home?

  • What is 'supported living'?

  • Assessment of needs

  • Registered housing provider (RP)

  • Housing benefit department (HBD) and housing benefit (HB)

  • Insurance company and voids

  • Lease

  • Management agreement (MA)

  • Nominations agreement (NA)

  • Property freeholder or investor

  • Registered care provider (RCP)

  • Service contract

  • Services purchaser (SP)

  • Tenancy agreement (TA)

  • Total scheme costs (TSC)

  • Umbrella agreement (UA)

  • Eligibility criteria

  • Open market value (OMV) or market value (MV)

  • Reinstatement value (RV)

  • Rent schedule

  • What does 'independent living' mean?

  • Supported housing

  • What is the definition of 'well-being' in the Care Act 2015?

Jargon in supported living homes