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T.P Properties views this area of business practice as one which has been key to the current and future continued success of its projects.  We are committed to following the ‘iN commitments’ placing you and the neighbourhood at the heart of all that do.  In its broadest terms we view ‘user involvement’ to be where people who use a particular service are actively involved in how it is delivered.  Participation can range from just being kept informed and discussing applicable problems, to actually making decisions about the service.

Such is our commitment to this area of joint working that we advocate not only to the ‘iN commitments’ but also to that of Shelter’s broad best practice guidelines.  Throughout the acquisition and development of housing we aim to partner with you and all other significant parties through Shelter’s three key concepts:

  • Information giving
    Users are told what is going to happen once a decision is made.  This is a basic level of involvement, and does not give users a chance to influence decisions.
  • Consultation
    Users are asked to give their opinion, either face-to-face or in writing, or by some other means.  The information gathered should be used to inform the way the service is run.
  • Participation
    Users are meaningfully involved, encouraged to take part in the various stages of an activity or process, and have a say in final decisions.

                                                                     ‘Involving users in supported housing,’ Shelter, 2005

You may get involved in the following ways, through our:

  • Five stage housing process
  • Suggestions, compliments, news and complaints systems
  • Tenant consultation meetings which not only advise you of your housing rights, but also seek to provide information about certain changes and improvement
  • Devising of relevant accessible material to help all to understand T.P Properties and its services
  • Periodic questionnaires and surveys

We welcome your participation...contact us!

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