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How To Pay Your Rent

It is important to remember that you are responsible for your rent.  The amount of rent you have to pay will be on your tenancy agreement.  This is usually shown as a figure each week.

The rent is made up of two charges:

  • The rent for your home
  • A service charge for things like cleaning and maintenance

Your rent will be due at a certain time each week or month.  It is important that you know when this is.  You will have to pay your rent on time, and in line with your tenancy agreement. 

Your rent will usually increase slightly every year in April.

You might be able to get help to pay your rent by claiming Housing Benefit.  Our team can help you to make the necessary claim.  If you do not qualify for Housing Benefit you will have to pay the rent and service charge from your own money.

Your rent will not usually be paid directly to T.P Properties.  Your tenancy agreement will tell you who to pay your rent to.  

If you claim housing benefit, this can be paid direct to the company detailed on your tenancy agreement, which will make things easier and give you the peace of mind that your rent has been paid.

Do remember though, if your Housing Benefit does not cover the full rent, you will have to pay the remaining amount.

If you have any questions about your rent please do not hesitate to contact us.





How to pay your rent