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A Huge (Re)welcome!

We are so delighted to welcome (back!)  Barbara Graham, who has joined us as Managing Director, enabling Paula to take up the role of CEO.  Barbara brings a wealth of experience in both Senior Management and Director positions, boasting over eighteen years experience in Social Care and Supported Housing.

We first met Barbara over 12 years ago, as a Psychology Graduate, when she worked with various members of the team to develop a ground breaking and hugely successful community care enterprise.

Since then, Barbara has added to her repertoire of significant experience of leading large teams over national multi-site operations ensuring high quality service provision in line with budget expectations and legislation.  Barbara is an excellent communicator and networker, who excels in cutting edge environments, she stands upon a proven track record of successfully co-ordinating multiple projects to effective conclusion.

She said, ‘I see T.P Properties as an organisation which will truly improve the lives of the most vulnerable in society.  Having been a customer of T.P. Properties in a Care Provider capacity I have had first-hand experience of the expertise they bring to the specialist housing market, working with individuals, families, commissioners, funders and the care community at large to develop and deliver bespoke, affordable, high quality accommodation for individuals with specialist housing needs. They make it seem so easy and never fail to deliver! 

'Like T.P Properties, I have prized and delivered the personalisation agenda for decades and my new role within T.P Properties will allow me to continue to conduct myself with the utmost integrity which has enabled me to develop trust relationships both internally and externally, and will inspire confidence in the company, myself, and my team.  I really am excited about working with T.P Properties to deliver the Personalisation Agenda from a housing perspective and to support individuals and the care community at large to understand and realise the housing option that best meets their need.  

'Personally, I thrive in fast-paced environments that require creativity, organisation, dynamic thinking and decision making; and work well in circumstances that others may consider challenging.  Operating with those such as Paula, who I have been inspired by since the beginning of my career, I believe I will help to continue to create a company which is truly entrepreneurial and philanthropic at its heart.  I am proud to belong to, and be working with such an innovative group of individuals’

Barbara Graham