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Award Nomination!

T.P Properties (TPP) are proud to announce a nomination in the category of 'Partnership Working' in The Regeneration + Renewal Awards 2012.  The second example of its pioneering supported housing model known as 'The Pilling Lane Model' (PLM) will receive UK focus.  This design originated by TPP was completed in November 2011. PLM carves property into individual living spaces, joined by a method to allow shared support and socialisation.  It suits those needing singular residencies; with one of high care provision and the other 'floating' type.  The architecture allows one carer to support comprehensively and safely, slashing costs considerably, yet being true to 'personalisation' ideology.

Personalised services and outcomes are centre stage.  Local authorities have been surprised by PLM'S ingenuity and ability to meet every criterion from personalisation, to ‘Big Society’ , to austerity.  This has been made possible by TPP’s unique selling point in that its employees originate from the care industry.

It is important for future social cohesion and understanding that the disabled have a place in mainstream society; PLM prizes this.  This is the second version to be rolled out demonstrating replicability.  PLM benefits tenants, their families and friends, and the wider locality.  It adheres to demands for authorities to ‘develop innovative approaches to delivering enhanced services to people in housing need...’ meeting diverse requirements to create sustainable, inclusive and mixed communities.  Most regions acknowledge obligations to ‘help vulnerable people acquire and/or maintain the ability to live independently’, yet view ‘value for money’ to be intrinsic.  PLM returns people to a community, often from costly provision out of borough, and promotes their independence which can result in cost savings as less support is required in a well constructed environment.  Innovative person centred construction layouts and assistive technology combine to produce models which save direct care labour costs and help prevent stays in long term medical facilities, thus reducing tax payer burden.  

TPP would like to thank all of those involved in creating this exciting housing approach, and hope that a trophy beckons!

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