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Commonwealth Swimming For Supported Living Homes?

So how does housing with support and Commonwealth swimming sit as happy bed fellows? Well the story is not as strange as it seems. It all began some years back with a series of co-incidences through which T.P Properties met local swimmer Niamh Robinson.  She was looking for sponsorship and the company was happy to oblige driven by its pride of the Northwest of England, and of this region's people and talents.  A mutually encouraging partnership has grown between swimmer and organisation and is now set to meet is next big challenge, that of Niamh swimming in the Commonwealth Games.  

Despite her promise, attitude and diligence being beyond question during our adventures together, her progress from Accrington 79 swimmer under the superb coaching of Mike Wilson, to recent Commonwealth Games' representative has been truly amazing.

When we first met Niamh we knew of her natural swimming ability, but did not appreciate her family's understanding and admiration of supported living homes.  However, her family history is one of knowing disability issues in a first hand manner, and thus the alliance between housing with support entity and talented swimmer was firmly formed.  We have been proud to see our logo sported by Niamh, at swimming meetings throughout the UK; at her Easter training camp abroad; when she recieved her 'Rising Star' trophy awarded at the Blackburn with Darwen Sports Awards; but for us the most moving was when she represented T.P Properties at The Dorney Lake Mencap Mile.  The Mencap Mile seemed a fitting representation of all that our partnership stood for.

Now 14 years old Niamh is on the cusp of her biggest competitve swimming moment having been selected to represent the Isle of Man in next month's Glasgow Games.  

Although she is the youngest member of the Isle of Man team, her age will prove to be no barrier to her showing her delight in flying the flag of her mother’s country, and demonstrating all of her outstanding skills that have won her selection for six events – the 50m, 100m and 200m breaststroke, 200m individual medley, 50m backstroke and 50m butterfly.

Niamh will meet up with the squad at the end of the month for a team building day where she will also get her official Commonwealth Games kit, something she is looking forward to. Though our logo will not be prominent here, we know it will be secreted within her kit and T.P Properties will cheer her on with great pride and admiration.  

We love this quote from Niamh which is why together we believe we are a housing with support match made in heaven, 'It will be just a case of going there and trying to do my best.'  Something that within supported living homes the company strives for every day too!



Niamh's swimming life is moving at a frenetic pace and it's proving very hard to keep up with her escalating achievements.

Niamh competed at the British Gas International Swimming Championships which was held in June at Manchester's Aquatics Centre.  Here, she found herself competing against girls two years her senior.

This meet seems to have provided her with a wonderful foundation to approach the Commonwealth Games from, finishing with two 1st place positions and an 8th position, along with the potential to have done well in the 50m breaststroke final.  Niamh also finished with a unbelievable 100% personal best rate, three new IOM junior long course records and one new IOM senior long course record!  Niamh’s sights are also now set on competing for the Isle of Man at the Commonwealth Youth Games which will be held in Samoa in September 2015.

With National qualifying times now published, Niamh has to date successfully achieved no less than ten of these benchmarks, five of which were achieved at this competition alone!  So it is not surprising that she has attracted the interest of local press and television.  It is nice to know that others are realising that she is a star, as we have always done.

...and here she is with her Isle of Man teammates, taking centre stage at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow. 

'It will be just a case of going there and trying to do my best.'