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Driving forward housing solutions for Providers

Over the past 18 months TP Properties have been working with a range of Care Provider Partners to develop new housing locally as well as finding innovative solutions for freeing up their existing property portfolios.

Here Barbara Graham, Managing Director at TP Properties, explains some of the ways the team have worked with Care Providers to take the pressure of housing off their workload – enabling them to re-focus on their primary business function of delivering high quality care and support services.

“The team here at TP Properties adopt a very creative and person-centred approach to the design and development of housing for people with disabilities. We all have long backgrounds within the care industry, with real hands on experience of delivering support; and an understanding of the barriers and issues that can be linked to providing good quality housing to this client group.

“With this comes creative design ideas, incorporating assistive technology - which not only provides assistance and increased independence for tenants, but also vital efficiencies for commissioners in these austere times.

“There are three very focussed solutions we can offer Providers to take the pressure off when it comes to housing solutions for the Individuals they support.”

New Properties:
“The first option is that we have funding available to develop and deliver new properties across The UK in partnership with Providers. This could be in response to a tendering exercise, demand from a Local Authority or the need for an individual bespoke solution for an existing service user. In every case we take a person centred approach to each development: working jointly with Providers to build or renovate properties in line with specific needs.

“Providers enter into a Management Agreement with TP, which outlines all parties’ roles and responsibilities regarding the proposed property. To ensure we can offer best value we work within Housing Benefit perimeters in relation to exempt accommodation rent levels.

“We are not Registered Provider, but we do work in partnership with a number of Registered Provider’s on a local and national basis in order to deliver a consistent pipeline of properties into the health and social care market.

Existing Property Portfolios:

“Often Care Providers find themselves with properties as a result of acquisitions or maybe through organic growth, reacting to market and customer demands. 

“The need for a clear separation of housing and care provision is now vital under CQC regulations. Similarly, Providers often cannot afford to have significant capital funds tied up in bricks and mortar when their primary business function is the delivery of care and support services.

“TP have responded to concern from providers with a range of solutions in this area, in the form of either Sale and Lease back, or Property Purchase

  • Under the Sale and Lease Back Model we agree a purchase price with our Care Provider Partners, including the terms under which the property will be leased, or nominated back to them for an agreed period. This is a popular model as it secures the use and nomination rights to a property but also frees up capital that can be utilised elsewhere in the business.
  • Under the Portfolio Purchase Model TP Properties agree a purchase price and then buy the properties the Care Provider – entering into a Management Agreement. With this option the Care Provider retains nominations into the property, but ownership transfers to TP. A lease is then put in place with an RP who would support the Tenants to access Housing Benefit so TP’s commercial requirements are met.”

TP Properties are currently identifying portfolios and individual properties, as well as planning new pipeline for the forthcoming years and allocating funding for 2016-18. 

  • For further information or to chat through your needs, please contact Barbara Graham, Managing Director on 07805 708 750 / 01254 385 845  or via email: Barbara.graham@tpproperties.co.uk

About TP Properties:
TP Properties has been providing supported accommodation to individuals with a range of disabilities for over 15 years and has developed a significant portfolio of properties throughout the UK.  We work in partnership with Local Authorities, CCG’s, individuals and Care Providers to provide bespoke property solutions that enable people to lead as independent a life as is possible. www.tpproperties.co.uk  

There are three very focussed solutions we can offer Providers to take the pressure off