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Help support Niamh Robinson, T.P Properties' 'Rising Star'

It is with great pride that T.P Properties' sponsored swimmer Niamh is being considered for the ‘Blackburn and Darwen Sports Awards’.

Niamh began swimming when she was only three years old, progressing quickly through several learn to swim groups at Darwen Leisure Centre and QEGs in Blackburn.  Now, aged 13, she swims on the National stage for Pioneer 79 Amateur Swimming Club, which is based in both Blackburn and Hyndburn.

Reaching such heights in her swimming career has not been easy, with Niamh enduring an intensive training regime of 14-15 hours per week, both on land and in the water.  'Teas' in the car become a norm!  The sessions are long and many are during unsociable hours, both before and after school.  However, our Niamh is a very determined and committed young swimmer, and continues to develop into a girl that is driven by success, thriving on competition and thoroughly enjoying the sport she has chosen.

We are T.P Properties are thrilled to acknowledge that our National swimmer Niamh has been finally recognised for her huge efforts to promote, her sport, her locality, causes surrounding the most vulnerable in society, a positive viewpoint of her age group, and finally her immense self drive and enthusiasm. WELL DONE!