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Life Satisfaction High In T.P Properties' Supported Housing

Today Hampton International and the Telegraph have revealed their joint investigation into house price-to-income ratios and the Life Satisfaction Index from the Office of National Statistics (ONS.) This report bodes well for the supported living tenants of T.P Properties.  

We have always known that the person-centred method of housing with support that we use really helps to ensure a successful home is created, but there's another factor that we have recently become aware of that has provided the icing on the cake - 'Life Satisfaction Index'.  It transpires there are two common denominators that link the top ten local authority areas where affordability and contentment reside side-by-side:

Johnny Morris (Head of Residential Research, Hamptons) reported, 'Housing markets close to Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) top the list as happiest and affordable places to live.  Life in the country, a good view and not too many neighbours seem to be the secret formula to happiness.'  T.P Properties has always adopted a strategy of helping people to live in the environment and region that they choose.  Many of the company operated supported living homes tend to be:

Interestingly, a great number of these homes with support are in the Ribble Valley area.

Here are the top ten 'happiness hot spots':

Top supported living homes in the UK

The graph above illustrates the average house price for each area and the house price-to-income ratio ranked in the order of most happy and affordable.

Allerdale comes first with Ribble Valley being second on the list.

Do you want to find out how your current home fairs in this index?

Click here to open a map of the UK, then click on a local authority area to find out the average house price, the house price to income ratio (aka 'affordability') and the happiness ranking.  The areas in which prices are most affordable and the residents the happiest are marked in yellow.  

How did you get on?  We would love to hear, drop us a post on our Facebook page.

Your home's ranking is based on the average house price as recorded by Countrywide and the Office of National Statistics Life Satisfaction Index.  Not happy with your current supported living home?  Would like to move to a different area?  Take a look at our housing with support vacancies.


Note: The housing analysis takes into account affordability (based on house price to local income ratios) and the Office of National Statistics (ONS) Life Satisfaction Index.  The map has a larger weighting to life satisfaction to give more realistic locations, according to the Hamptons' research team.  The variation between house price-to-income ratios in, say, London compared with Scotland is so stark that if the analysis does not lean towards happiness it will simply produce an affordability map. 

Life in the country, a good view and not too many neighbours seem to be the secret formula to happiness.