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Niamh Robinson Takes T.P Properties And Isle Of Man To Samoa

We are thrilled to announce that our sponsored swimmer fifteen-year-old local girl Niamh Robinson, has been selected along with six other athletes to compete for Team Isle of Man (IOM) at the September 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games in Samoa.  This feat becomes even more remarkable when reviewed in the context that only four sports from the Isle of Man will be represented.

Niamh, who you may remember competed in Glasgow’s 2014 Commonwealth Games, also received an email informing her that she had been ‘longlisted’ for the Commonwealth Youth England Team.  Wow, not one but two areas vying for her attention. Unfortunately, she had to decline the English offer due to her previous affiliation with IOM; then began a nail-biting wait before finding out that she had been successful in achieving selection for the IOM, in an event so far away from home.

Incredibly Niamh had made the grade for the IOM in no fewer than twelve swimming events.  These, along with her success over the last twelve months, have definitely provided a huge boost.  She currently holds twenty IOM swimming records.  We make no apologies in repeating this, yes, she is the proud holder of twenty records.  Due to the gruelling Samoan competition schedule that awaits Niamh she has selected to compete in seven events over the duration of the week, 50/100/200m breaststroke, 50m backstroke, 50/100m butterfly and 200m individual medley.

Niamh told us that she is extremely excited to be journeying to Samoa in an opportunity to represent Team IOM once again at such a large event.  Only this time in her competing career there is an added bonus as the competition will take place on the small island of Apia in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, somewhere she could only ever dream of visiting.  Any volunteers to chaperone her must queue up behind us!

We look forward to enjoying a veritable smorgasbord of Commonwealth sports as along with aquatics (swimming) are archery, athletics, boxing, lawn bowls, rugby sevens, squash, tennis and weightlifting.  It is anticipated that up to one thousand competitors aged between fourteen and eighteen will be competing for one hundred and seven medals over the five days.  Competitors are invited from every Commonwealth Games Association.  This will be the fifth Commonwealth Youth Games, with the last one taking place in the Isle of Man in 2011, and the next taking place in St Lucia in 2017.  Like the Commonwealth Games, all athletes will stay in an athletes’ village-style accommodation.  This will give many competitors their first taste of an international multi-sport games.  However, for Niamh, well she’s now a professional at negotiating this kind of set-up.

Niamh’s success to date would not be achieved without her continuous hard work and commitment in the pool.  However, graciously, she would also like to thank personally: Mike Wilson, Head Coach of Pioneer ‘79 Swimming Club, IOM Swimming Club, IOMCGA, T.P Properties and Grace Cole Ltd. for their continued support and assistance.  You’re welcome Niamh.

Any volunteers to chaperone her must queue up behind us!