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Supported Housing And #End The Awkward Scope Campaign

With great aplomb and pride, T.P Properties watched the latest push in the #End The Awkward Scope campaign on television last night.  In case you missed it Scope released a series of ads fronted by the comedian Alex Brooker that humorously gave advice on how to avoid awkward social situations with the disabled. 

Humour is a great means to allow a message to seep into the human psyche in an unthreatening manner.  T.P Properties would concur with Alex Brooker that often the British public act out of ignorance and a fear of doing and saying the wrong thing when faced with an issue concerning disability.  A case of British politeness impedes.

We have encountered first-hand in supported living homes inappropriate occasions that would sit quite happily alongside Alex's videos:

  • The request to remove all sharp objects, including butter knives, in case a person might hurt themselves
  • A demand to put bars on ground floor windows to stop a person having the 'wrong friends' visit them
  • Meetings where questions were directed at everyone bar the tenant
  • Fear and mistrust from neighbours
  • Preventing the access to a tenancy agreement

The list could go on.  

These examples were not encountered with humour.  Sometimes T.P Properties has had to go against the flow of opinion to demand equal rights and opportunities for the tenants that it serves. This can be frightening, morally right, but still frightening.  Living a full life means encountering risk; integrating fully with society; making mistakes, and allowing the true self to appear and grow.  'The Awkward' can sometimes hamper this.  Therefore, with a sense of standing shoulder-to-shoulder we'd like to help to bring the #End The Awkward campaign to as wide an audience as possible.  

Through spending, just three minutes and twenty-seven seconds of your life watching one of the short films, the education you will receive concerning disability could last a lifetime.  Watch the films yourself, share them with friends and family; if you have an ‘awkward’ story of your own, tell Scope by emailing stories@scope.org.uk.

As Scope say, 'Together, let’s end the awkward.'

Together, let’s end the awkward.