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Housing minister Grant Shapps has urged councils to support their most vulnerable communities and protect their Supporting People funding.  He said that he and his department 'had worked to protect' £6.5 billion of funding for vulnerable people and asked local authorities to make good use of that money. He wishes councils would 'follow Whitehall’s example' and protect Supporting People funding to help the neediest.

We know that many of our tenants use this pot of funding to live independently in their own homes, and like them hope that these monies are ring fenced and protected from any further cuts, as some councils had been making huge cuts to the programme - sometimes up to 50%.

As councils set their budgets, Mr Shapps wrote a letter to council leaders urging them to consider evidence showing that every pound spent in housing support services saves £3 by reducing costs in homelessness, tenancy failure, crime, health and residential care packages.

Mr Shapps claims that £1.6 billion invested annually in Supporting People can save as much as £3.41 billion in alternative help costs for vulnerable people in the country. He said, 'Local taxpayers will rightly expect their councils to do their utmost to protect the services that help the most vulnerable residents in their communities – and so do I. That’s why, despite the need to cut the record deficit we inherited, we’ve protected the £6.5 billion Supporting People funding which each year helps approximately a million people to live independent lives.

'As councils look to set their budgets, I would urge them to consider the evidence that with each pound spent through Supporting People saving £3 by avoiding more costly alternatives, and invest to save to ensure help continues for those most in need.'

Grant Shapps