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UK Government Recognise Sector Importance

‘Being in the forefront of supported housing originality, we warmly welcome the allocation of a capital fund worth up to £300m to push our sector ever forward.  For many years I have witnessed and directed projects that have not only improved the holistic life experiences of an individual and their supporters, but have categorically proven to be of benefit to the public purse.

‘In the early days of supported housing, a time that I am proud to say that my colleagues and I were involved in, the lack of funds, frameworks and even laws undermined our efforts.  Creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and a bloody-mindedness for change drove the work.  To persuade one local authority to back the concept of supported living we (the company) allocated each ‘resident’ with the monies they would have received as a citizen from the Benefits System, to prove that all deserved community participation and would flourish as a result.  Needless to say this scheme was a success, and I like to think was one of the trailblazers that contributed to our present position. 

‘With the forging of local healthwatch schemes and health and wellbeing boards we are excited that integrated services will operate as a matter of course, rather than merely at the behest of energetic individuals.  Integrated commissioning which embraces the role of housing in the mix is one of the keys to success.  Health, social and public purse gains are much more likely to occur, with people encouraged to remain independent longer.

‘All at T.P Properties will watch with interest the progress of this two phase scheme and the manner in which vulnerable groups will be properly supported in their community of choice.  It is hoped that the fruits of the HCA Care and Support Specialised Fund will be seen as soon as possible, as people deserve the opportunity now to consider easily a holistic range of future options along with their carers and family.’

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