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We Join The Homes For Britain Campaign

As Nicola from Newcastle said, 'Everyone should be entitled to a home.'  A simple statement, however in today's society it can be much more difficult to achieve this than most would believe, particularly if a tenant is searching for a supported living home...take a look at Stacie's story.

So what should we do to highlight this issue with a General Election looming?  Unite with like minded others to form the biggest housing rally in a generation.  This is set to take place on 17th March 2015 and will be fronted by Homes for Britain, the united voice for housing.  

The event will bring together 2,500 people in the heart of Westminster to call for ‘an end to the housing crisis within a generation.'  Collectively we will be taking our message to politicians just before the General Election and we want you to be part of this unique moment.  This rally will bring together every part of the housing world – from private developers to homelessness campaigners, from social housing providers to private landlords.  

Take a look Homes For Living to see if you can help.  We believe in the more, the stronger.



Everyone should be entitled to a home.
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