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What's the benefit?

T.P Properties has joined the 'What's The Benefit?' campaign organised by Inside Housing to encourage the government to rethink its future housing benefit strategy.  It is felt that government plans to cut the £21 billion housing benefit bill risk driving thousands of vulnerable people from their homes and into poverty. 

The emergency Budget in June said the government would introduce:

• Housing benefit limits of £250 for a one-bed property and £400 for four or more bedrooms.

• Local housing allowance rates set using the bottom 30 per cent of rents rather than the median from October 2011.  It will be linked to the consumer price index, rather than the retail price index.  There are 1 million LHA claimants in the UK.

• Cutting housing benefit by 10 per cent for claimants on jobseekers allowance for more than a year.

The aim of the campaign is to find a fairer way of reducing the housing benefit bill.  If you feel concerned about the impact that the proposed changes to housing benefit and local housing allowance would have on communities across the UK sign the online petition.
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