• T.P Properties

Our Partners

T.P Properties is proud to be working closely with a diverse and exciting range of partners to deliver its corporate objectives and improve future performance.  A flexible but sound scaffold rests around the organisation, providing confidence to all future project proposals.

Such a creative entity as T.P Properties cannot merely draw on support and information from the normative places to deliver its imaginative and comprehensive housing solutions.  It has taken years of evolution, network building and collaboration to allow the Company to boast partnerships of excellence within the following fields:

  • Nationwide housing associations
  • Groups within the disabled community
  • Local authorities
  • National Health Service bodies
  • Colleges and training forums
  • Disability groups
  • Tenants Services Authority
  • National Housing Federation
  • Provider equity investors
  • Institutional organisations
  • Assistive technology specialists
  • Benefit experts
  • Housing developers
  • NW Regional Supported Housing Strategy Group