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Equality And Diversity Statement For Supported Living Homes

It is the policy of T.P Properties not to discriminate against any person on the grounds of their colour, race, nationality, ethnic origin or any other element as defined by the legislation.  This applies not only to employees, but to job applicants, customers, tenants, suppliers and members of the public.  The Company is committed to an environment that values and celebrates diversity.  The Company’s ‘Race Relations’ policy outlines the TPP’s commitment to the obligations under the ‘Race Relations Act’ (1976), and the ‘Race Relations Amendment Act’ (2000).  The Managing Partner has overall responsibility for implementing this policy. 

In the provision of housing services individual allocation will be made through a detailed system of assessment, generally involving an in-house team; both measures designed to ensure that no element of prejudice or discrimination is being practiced.

Advertising of vacancies will take into account the need to encourage applications of all parts the community.  We will periodically review recruitment and selection procedures to help ensure that no individual is treated less fairly than another.

The Company’s obligations apply to employees not only whilst at work but also in their ‘out of work’ activities, insofar as these relate to employees, customers, tenants or suppliers of the Company or as regards any effect on employees’ relationships in the work place or the Company’s public relations.  Any cases of racial discrimination or victimisation will be taken very seriously by the Company and will be treated as grounds for disciplinary action. 

In all partnership working TPP will ask that the individuals involved either operate within similar policies and procedures to its own, or ask them to adhere to the TPP ideals should these not be available.  Where unlawful discrimination is identified, we will make every effort to influence any associate to take remedial action and we may review our agreements with them.

The Company will periodically monitor all relevant activities.

Any visitor, contractor, tenant, partner or the like, who feels that they have not been treated fairly and in accordance with this statement, should raise their issues with TPP who will work towards a suitable resolution.

It is the policy of T.P Properties not to discriminate against any person...