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  • Finding A Supported Living Place To Live

    Finding A Supported Living Place To Live

    Do you need help with your supported living housing plans?
  • Jo Says Thank You

    Jo Says Thank You

    Through Social Services Jo, a new tenant has expressed her sincere gratitude after T.P Properties successfully developed her supported living home.
  • Featured home

    Featured home

    Newly £90k refurbished garden fronted property with stunning views.
  • Featured home

    Featured home

    A beautiful bungalow property ready for immediate rent.
  • Latest Ouch! update January 2012

    Latest Ouch! update January 2012

    A summary of key disability news from the BBC.
  • Latest OUCH! update

    Latest OUCH! update

    The BBC's round up of specialist disability news.
  • BBC news links from OUCH!

    BBC news links from OUCH!

    T.P Properties has been granted permission to provide you with the most up to date BBC news links to subjects that will interest you!
  • Life's Too Short

    Life's Too Short

    Ouch! seeks comments on Ricky Gervais' new series 'Life's Too Short'.
  • Salford Landlord Accreditation Scheme

    Salford Landlord Accreditation Scheme

    T.P Properties - proud to be part of a badge of excellence.
  • T.P Properties does it again

    T.P Properties does it again

    A collective and resounding thank you has been offered by the parents of a unique home for those with acquired brain injuries
  • Future facing

    Future facing

    Paula Woodruff (Managing Director) continues to champion future supported housing initiatives that are both tenant independence enhancing and potentially cost saving.
  • Disability awareness day

    Disability awareness day

    Disability Awareness Day (DAD), is Europe's largest 'not for profit' voluntary-led disability exhibition, and is held annually in a huge tented village within the grounds of Walton Hall Gardens.