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Future facing

Paula Woodruff (Managing Director) continues to champion future supported housing initiatives that are both tenant independence enhancing and potentially cost saving.   ‘I have recognised for some time that assistive technology has a critical role to play in the empowering of tenants and enhancing the range of creative housing options that we can develop.  Through personal experience I have seen the huge benefits that person centred technology can bring.’  

As ever T.P Properties is ensuring that it remains at the cutting edge of supported living housing design by ensuring its employees attend the very latest training, conferences and seminars.  A broad range of subjects have been explored including ‘Smart Technology’, ‘Integrated Assisted Living and Sustainable Design’ and ‘Design a Home for Future Healthcare.’  One attendee commented that ‘this is such an exciting time for those seeking greater independence in their home.  I am looking forward to bringing this technology into people’s houses wherever I can.’