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Life's Too Short

While the Autumn leaves continue to tumble to the ground, we are being treated to a host of new television programmes to snuggle up to.  The first episode of Ricky Gervais' new comedy series 'Life's Too Short' set in London recently aired.

It stars Warwick Davis as a 'showbiz dwarf' whose career is on the slide forcing him to open his doors to a film crew.

The Telegraph judged it 'not as good as The Office' while the Mirror thought it 'dull, dated and pointless.'  But The Guardian suggested it could be 'huge'.

On Twitter, 'Life's Too Short' comments ranged from 'really funny' (@Group51UK) to 'history's most defensively-hyped tv show' (@jennycolgan) to 'how anybody gave this a bad review I'll never know' (@DannyHope1).

The BBC's Ouch wants to hear what you think and are asking for your comments.  Click on the link provided to add your opinion.