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Salford Landlord Accreditation Scheme

T.P Properties is happy to announce that it has been accepted onto the Salford Landlord Accreditation Scheme. Complying fully with all of the required criteria, the company is proud to be part of a housing scheme whose aim is to ensure that Salford and its residents have the very best in accommodation, whilst landlords partner with committed and positive tenants.

Having had representation in Salford for many years, it was with pleasure that T.P Properties joined this affiliation.

This partnership approach demonstrated the Company's commitment to flexible working.  Barriers that were thought to be insurmountable were negotiated in lightning quick time to provide quality housing for some individuals who found themselves homeless just before Christmas.  The team and Council representatives worked tirelessly to ensure that these people had a roof over their heads and could enjoy a family Christmas.

Current tenants should not recognisee any difference in the service that they receive as a result of this initiative.  However, a new logo will now form part of the series used by the organisation to demonstrate a continued commitment to excellence.

The new tenants said of their experience:

'We were in a hostel when we were looking for somewhere to live, we just didn’t know where to find permanent accommodation.  Most landlords in the area wanted over 25s and we are both under; two references, but we only had one; and they wouldn’t accept a council bond.  We were bidding for accommodation but we weren’t being prioritised as we had a roof over our head, even though we weren’t happy where we were living.  We were in a category ‘Group D’ with ‘A’ being the most critical requiring housing so we had a big ladder to climb.  We didn’t really want to live in council accommodation as we have both been brought up in them and we have had bad experiences.  By renting privately we know tenants are looked after better and you can build a relationship with one housing officer.

We thought private rented accommodation was the only way forward.  We saw our home advertised and approached the council to support us with our request to become tenants.  We had assistance from the council and the hostel in making our request.  The council approached T.P Properties on our behalf and we worked together from there.

We found out that a new central heating system was being fitted and we really wanted to be in by Christmas so we could enjoy our home on our own and have a good start to the new year.  T.P Properties worked extremely hard to accommodate us and it was touch and go as to whether it would happen but somehow they managed it much to our relief.  We moved in on the 22nd December 2011.

Moving into our new home has changed our lives; we are in control of our own lives and are more independent in everything we do.  We don’t have to live by curfews, don’t have to hand in keys into anyone, be home for 12 am, and sign for post etc.  This was a real low point for us both but we are so happy to put this behind us and are grateful for T.P Properties taking a chance on us.  We have a sense of security and freedom for the first time in a long time.

We get on well with our neighbours and community; we are excited as a film is going to be recorded on our street! We have settled in really well.

The only thing we need to do now is find a job but we are doing our best.  We are looking forward to decorating the lounge and putting our own stamp on it soon.  You can take a picture for your website when we are done!

We are so happy with T.P Properties and all they have done for us, thank you!'

We at T.P Properties are happy to have you aboard, and might well take you up on the lounge photograph!




Salford Approved Landlord Scheme