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Your well being is very important to us.  T.P Properties understands that this is not a statutory duty upon us, but we see this as part of our ethos.  We will work closely with you and your supporters to play our part in ensuring your full citizenship rights.

Our specialist service does not provide personal care and support to you.  This is provided by a separate agency.  However, we or one of our registered provider partners will offer:

  • Support to keep you safe and build an independent life
  • Support and advice on finances
  • Ongoing support to maintain your tenancy
  • Liaison, counselling and advocacy

We recognise that there are a lot of parties involved in supported housing and the system can be confusing.  Usually the local authority social services department will assess your support needs.  They then ask another company to provide you with the agreed level of care and support, or they will give you the money directly so you can pick your own support source (this is called ‘direct payment’.)  We work with a range of agencies in providing you with the home that you need before leasing it to respected registered providers (aka housing associations), who are experienced in providing you with quality landlord services.