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T.P Properties considers itself to be one of the leading independent providers of future proofed supported living homes for individuals with a physical issue, learning disability, or mental health need.

We have over twenty five years’ of care and housing experience, working with a vast array of partners in the public, voluntary and private sectors. 

T.P Properties’ workforce entered the specialist area of supported living before the market was even known as such; providing evidence to those in local authorities which showed that increased householder independence could reap huge rewards.  This was achieved by funding the residents with the welfare benefits that they would have received should their entitlement be viewed as any other citizen.  However, this money did not come from the public purse but via the companies involved in the care and housing, essentially the foundation of T.P Properties.  This route had to be taken at this time as local authorities would only recognise the status of ‘residential care’, which merely provided residents with ‘pocket money.’  Through this groundbreaking initiative not only did vulnerable individuals rise to the challenge of managing their own affairs, but also local authorities saw a potential reduction in care fees as people required less support as skills grew.  Supported living married to person centred care was born.  We can therefore boast one of the longest and successful track records of providing specialist housing through the widest of disability spectrums within the UK.

We work with some of the largest institutional funders to rollout homes, either new build, non-adapted or bespoke, with the addition of assistive technology where required. 

Through a history of realising the property needs of the disabled communities, and working with the most challenging of projects, we are experts at providing bespoke housing, sourcing, and developing sites.   An ethos and record in the social care industry means that we instinctively adopt a person centred approach in terms of understanding an individual's needs and how the environment can best support them with reference to the location, layout, specific adaptations, technology and even the furnishings.  We reinforce this with comprehensive expertise in leasing to competent Registered Providers and assisting new tenants to receive appropriate welfare benefits. 

Ventures are appraised on an individual basis, and because of the quality of each completed project, new business continues to flow on a month-by-month basis nationwide.  Our main marketing method is to let the strengths of the last home speak for themselves; as people say, 'proof is in the pudding.'  We do not just talk, we deliver.

We pride ourselves on being a great partner to all, whether that is to a future tenant, their family and friends, public department, housing developer, landlord or financial institution, and because of this we are grateful and proud to say that, our reputation continues to grow.

For more information on our unique methods of developing supported living homes please see our Case Histories section.

  • The Board And Management Team

    The Board And Management Team

    Our head office in Blackburn, Lancashire operates as the hub for the flexible and innovative services we have developed throughout the UK.
  • Mission Statement For Excellence In Supported Living Homes

    Mission Statement For Excellence In Supported Living Homes

    Read how T.P Properties have great supported living housing at its heart, with its principles captured in its Mission Statement.
  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    'You' are the centre of our housing with support performance indicators.
  • Supported Living Homes : Jobs

    Supported Living Homes : Jobs

    Interested in working in housing with support? Care about making a difference in supported living homes? Consider working for us!