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Mission Statement For Excellence In Supported Living Homes

T.P Properties believes that each and every person who needs and wants a supported living home should firstly have this opportunity; secondly, be provided with accommodation within the community that is of quality; and thirdly, have a home that meets their individual needs.

We treat each housing with support venture as a unique project, after all no two people are the same.

We encourage the development of holistic partnerships between a tenant, commissioner and those delivering the support and housing solutions. 

We recognise and value the importance of involving the individual, their family and supporters, as well as formal agencies at every stage of the housing process.

We base our operating practice on proven knowledge and research, as well as modern social care values.

A foundation of and a commitment to continuous progress, mastering challenge, flexibility, and meeting the goal of excellence in each and every supported living housing project drives the service. 

Together we will go far.

'Together we will go far.'
Supported living home - mission statement