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Quality Assurance

T.P Properties believe that every person we support to find and develop their supported living home has the right to expect the best possible service.

Our aim is for all citizens to have access to quality housing, which will broaden life, health and opportunity.  

Every project undertaken will:

  • Be centred on the individual considering their needs, wishes and aspirations
  • Promote equal rights 
  • Use creativity, flexibility, best value and adopt a 'right first time' approach
  • Work within the money, time and resources parameters
  • Focus on the unique outcomes identified

These criteria drive our quality and improvement and are regularly reviewed by the Board and Management Team.  However, there are some key elements that help us to achieve expectations:

  • Each project is planned on a unique basis using our tested framework.  This allows us to design and deliver each supported living home around the individual, but safe in the knowledge that policies and procedures will capture the key aspects of quality housing design and delivery.
  • Our Housing Procurement Officers meet with each customer and their supporters to assess at grass roots how we and our partners are performing. We encourage people to get involved.
  • Meetings are held with our partners to review each housing project.
  • We use a number of indicators to measure our performance which are as equally important to the household and the delivery of our corporate plan.
  • Our lean structure allows us to identify quickly where changes need to be made, re-shaping future delivery as required.
  • We have designed a complaints system that is easy to use and is fully respected by each and every employee.
  • Service monitoring visits are undertaken by senior management, the frequency of which is flexible to meet the needs of the housing with support project.
  • We advocate not only to the ‘iN commitments’ but also to that of Shelter’s broad best practice guidelines.
  • At the heart of our culture is a desire to learn, continuously improve and be the best at what we do.

Your feedback in these areas is always welcome.  If you have any comments or queries in relation to this information please contact us.

Our aim is for all citizens to have access to quality housing, which will broaden life, health and opportunity.
Supported living homes of quality driven by you.